Carnelian Agate Flowers

$2.50 USD


Product Description

These two flowers are available separately. One is smaller and darker, the larger one is paler in colour.

Each is a carved flower made from the semi-precious Carnelian Agate.

One is 27mm and the other 30mm wide. Both are also carved on the back with a central hole.

Please message me on purchase if you have a preference for the light or dark one.

Carnelian Agate Flowers Carnelian Agate Flowers Carnelian Agate Flowers

Isis Beads (part of Designs by Isis)

Hello from Isis Beads,

My name is Lisa & I sell unique handmade jewellery in my store Designs by Isis ( - designed & made by myself. All my pieces are 'one of a kind', totally individual to you. I like to use a variety of materials including semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and unusual beads, some of which are sourced from overseas.

Now as all jewellery designers know, we all have a passion for beads and have a tendancy to collect far to many. This has led to me creating Isis Beads.

Isis Beads is my fledgling shop which will hopefully be an outlet for my enthusiastic bead buying !

Thank you